Customer satisfaction rating

Zoomcars— Car not assigned

22 May,2022
So I decided to book zoomcar on weekend, after a long time we 4 people decided to book a car for a trip , upfront on Friday whole amount is paid ₹2586 after that i got a confirmation that i"ll be getting this car - my booking id is -jpn78p08 But at the moment of picking up car they are telling me that car is not available and the only option They are providing is cancelling car with some useless zoom credits , which is completely useless becoz obviously m not going to use zoomcar after this issue !!after a long hold on call even while m typing this my call is on hold with zoomar , me as a working person they don't value our time !! My whole is day is wasted

Zoomcars— Car not delivered and no replacement more than 6 hrs

26 Mar,2022
A Mahindra XUV300 car was booked with full paid amount in advance, but company provided different car Maruti Baleno. There was booking for home delivery of that car by 9am. Several follow ups were made with customer service since 8am for the delivery and requested contact details of delivery fleet. I supposed to attend a important seminar, but could not due to car was not delivered till 12 am. Then I request to customer care to cancel the booking so that I can book a new car. Not able to book a new car as well because the booked car was not cancelled from the apps till the time of this complaint. On booking apps- it was showing overlapping of the booking. My whole day and seminar got spoiled because of the very poor response and slow correction system of Zoomcars. Booking ID- JPSN77GJC. Need a compensation with full refund of my money.

Zoomcars— False promise/Call disconnections and call center and missing car

09 Mar,2022
Hi Team, I've registered a complaint after one of the car booking my car was damaged. Team said one of the executive will come for physical inspection. No one came and ticket was closed stating no damage After that continuosly car was going for bookings. My car booking ended on 5th March and till now my car is not returned. Someone called and said key is missing and took my second key. Now neither my damages are covered nor my car is retured. All agents at call center are disconnecting calls and tickets are closed with random comments.

Zoomcars— Car booking

01 Mar,2022
I booked a car in Goa on 27 feb 2022 and paid 5500 INR. But car was not delivered to me. App is still showing that booking as upcoming booking. I faced lot of inconvience that day because I had to go some where urgently and paid 3500 INR to cab. I tried every customer care number but no one is responding. Zoom car please return my money for this false booking

Zoomcars— Self driving car not delivered and customer care does not answer

05 Feb,2022
I was supposed to get a self driven car delivered at home at 3.00 O clock today, but when called the customer care first they said it’s delayed by one hour and later when I called the delivery manager he said that car is not available and asked me to call the customer care as he is not responsible for it, I have trying the customer care from past two hours but no one picks the call, if we try calling from a different number it says you don’t have a booking please call from the booked number