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The Pet Care (Petzoo Tech Pvt Ltd)— Chew bix cheese bisquit

I have placed an order of this product (Qnty. 2) and paid for it. I have not received order I'd or expected delivery date by massege from your end.What is your company's customer care number and what is my order I'd and when will I receive delivery of my order?

The Pet Care (Petzoo Tech Pvt Ltd)— Not Addressing Return Request

16 Sep,2021
Mumbai, Maharashtra
I had ordered dog food (Farmina Chicken Puppy Starter) from this online retailer The Pet Care for Rs. 6,604 on August 27, 2021 (Order# 1864). The order was received on September 01, 2021 and I placed a return request for the same on September 03, 2021. This particular food item was not suiting my dog since I had ordered the same before as well and he was getting diarrhoea. Also, the package had corners torn so I decided to return it without opening the package at all. They replied on email asking if the packet is open or not within the same day and I replied saying no. However, since then they have been ignoring my emails and not responding back. After 4 emails and 6 days, I found their number and contacted them through a call on September 08, 2021. The customer support was extremely rude because I had given a 1 star review on Google. Then we connected on Whatsapp where we were trying to come to a conclusion. They told me to remove the review and send them product pictures and then they will accept my return request. I did both these and on September 09, 2021 they replied saying they will arrange pick up for the next day. But no one came for the pick up. So I messaged again and they replied on September 13, 2021 saying that today they will pick it up. And then same thing happened again and again on September 14, and the package has still not been picked up. They are just deflecting and delaying this activity to avoid giving out a refund. All I want is my money back.