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Stripe— Stripe holding Rs75k + asking for additional Rs 75k received in payments, unresponsive for 2 months

06 Oct,2021
1) Stripe is illegally holding back ~Rs 75k in payments received from overseas client. 2) It is also demanding me to repay ~Rs 75k from a previous transaction. 3) I have reached out to Stripe repeatedly to find a resolution via Email, Contact Messages from their Dashboard, Messages on. Twitter and LinkedIn. 4) Stripe has responded a total of twice with no information/ resolution. 5) Stripe India head Ms. Manjot Pahwa responded to requests on Twitter. She did provide limited feedback but has not provided any resolution. She has been unresponsive for 1 month after apologizing for the bad customer support and acknowledging my frustration. 6) Stripe founders Patrick Collison and John Collison have been unresponsive. A detailed account is included below - My account was verified in July - I sent an invoice to my client for payment after verification was completed for $990 - My client made the payment for the 1st invoice received via stripe on July 27th - The funds for this payment were credited to my bank account as per your published lead times - I sent a 2nd invoice for payment to the same client for $990 - My client made the payment for the 2nd invoice on August 2nd. - The funds for this payment WERE NOT credited to my bank account even beyond your published lead times - At this point my Stripe account displayed total balance of INR ~1.44 lac - In my stripe dashboard I received a message stating 'Your Account isn't eligible' with an explanation of 'Unfortunately, your business isn’t eligible to use Stripe because it doesn't meet our Terms of Service. If you think this may be a mistake, please contact us.' (It still says the same) - I immediately tried to contact you to understand the reason for this. I received no explanation despite MULTIPLE attempts to reach you - Stripe dashboard sent notifications saying 'Unable to send you emails' asking me to update/ change my email. I am still receiving auto acknowledgement emails to my support requests via the dashboard (none have been answered so far, barring today's response) - A few days later, you automatically refunded BOTH transactions. Please note, at this point funds from ONLY the 1st transaction have been credited to my account - Balance in my Stripe account was negative ~INR 1.44 Lac - This balance changes to negative INR 75,814.99 with an upcoming Debit of INR 75,814.99 - Almost 2 months later, nothing has changed, I have received funds for only 1 transaction, client has made payments for 2 transactions and received refund for neither. My account is still labeled as 'Ineligible'. I request Stripe for an explanation on the following: 1) Why was the status of my account changed to Not Eligible after the verification was completed? 2) Why were transactions refunded without my consent and without any prior information? 3) Why is my client not receiving a refund for the 2nd transaction for which money was not debited to my bank account in the first place? Why is Stripe holding on to this amount that does NOT BELONG TO STRIPE?