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Santosh Devi— Property ID-P07005783967 is not opened in MCF Ballabgarh/Faridabad_Owner Name-Santosh Devi_Already paid all due and sent NDC/2021/Blb-1/742

29 Sep,2021
Sir/Ma'am- request for your support as I have already paid all my dues against my property id- P07005783967 on 9th Sept 2021 and visited 4-5 times MCF Blb-1 and MCF Blb-1 sent an NDC to IT cell mail request to open the property id in front of me and after that i have personally visited to MCF office-NIT Faridabad (Near BK Chowk) and IT person said it will open within 2 days time but still it is not open-Why? Why do we have to make so many rounds when we have cleared all the dues?