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Samsung TVā€” They are not giving me my money as per our conversation.

07 Oct,2021
New delhi, Delhi
Iā€™m tarun from new delhi-110044 i have a problem with my 40 inch 4 year old samsung led tv for 2 months and I already registered a complaint (complaint no-4331942482) for this in the first week of September, but no one is listing to me Samsung engineer came to my house and he said the pcb is not working then he checked for new pcb but he said sir this pcb is not available in our service centre, then he said sir in this case the company will refund you 19,200 And I parched this tv for 32,098 in 2017 ,but after that no one called me no one came to my house and now they are saying as per police we will refund you 10,800 first they said 19,200 and now they are saying 10,800 l ,they also told me for refund you have to pay 896 refund fees for my own money i have to pay refund money, but why.

Samsung TVā€” Fault in the product

17 Sep,2021
I filed a complaint with samsung on sep 3rd regarding the black shadow coming in the bottom left part of my TV. Next day the engineer visited and told that the LED panel is fuse and it'd be replaced. He further told that it'll take about 12 days to get the panel and then they'll take the TV for repair. However, after a day they called for picking up the TV. On sep 8 they took the TV and in evening told that one part has been burnt because of which there are white spots on the TV. These white spots are coming in the top left part of the TV and when I enquired them about this, they disconnected stating they'll get back to me. However, it's been 4 days and no one has really got back to me.