Customer satisfaction rating


14 Apr,2022
kolkata, west bengal
I bought a Microwave oven on 10 aug 2021. Overheating and Noise issue after purchase. Complaint raised on 17 aug 2021,7apr2022,9apr 2022 on ResQ app and on 13Aug2021,14aug 2021, 10apr2021 to both Reliance Digital as well as Samsung on Customer care helpline number. Service engineer sent to resolve but issue persists and they closed the complaint. I Called many times for replacing but not done. Problem remained and I visited the store as well but no help. Reliance Digital said - not out responsibility as Samsung is not tied up with us Like Panasonic. Samsung sent third party to repair but issue unresolved saying this is normal. Finally due to overheating the power code burnt and there was signs of heavy electrical sparks in the machine. We had to immediately switch off the main power for safety. Complaint raised again and service engnr visited after several calls but blaimed my power socket and asked for payment for power cord even after being under warranty as well as extended warranty sold hy Reliance Digital after sales. Service engineer asked to tell samsung to mail them that it should not be charged and Samsung cust care asked they have mailed and gave me ref number 4344908959. Promised to get back in a day but no response. I called service engineer, he again asked me to call samsung. I did so. Samsung promised I will get a call back from supervisor in 30-45mins but no calls. This whole thing has been a complete harrasment for last 7months and I am left with no option but consumer forum. There was a severe risk of fire due to the electrical hazard and machine getting overheated. It also damaged my electrical sockets. I request concerned authorities to kindly take severe action against Samsung and Reliance Digital, Axis Mall, Newtown Kolkata for the repeated harassment for last 7months. And I also request the refund from them for the machine 13990+1879(Extended warranty) sold by them. i.e a total sum of ₹ 15869. Also the electrical hazard and loss shall be compensated by them which happened due to them.

Samsung— Samsung galaxy buds 2, order ID 11561068577

15 Oct,2021
I have placed order on 3rd Oct with confirmation delivery on 13th Oct (order ID 11561068577) for galaxy buds 2 but till 15th Oct I didn't received it, I have tried to contact them to get update when I will get it but they are not responding me neither on mail nor on calls, I feeling cheated now that after waiting 2 weeks also after passing their commuted date I didn't get my parcel also they are not treating me well always giving me excuses but not confirming about my order. They commuted on mail that they will get back on 24hrs days when I dropped complain on main on 13th Oct but till now no update from their side ( complain # for mail is 28631304), please push them to deliver my order or at least provide me update about my order.