Customer satisfaction rating

Reliance Jio— Jio phone 3

08 Mar,2022
I have purchased a jio phone , but it has a serious problem which does not even play ringtone when someone calls . I have got replacement from jio twice later i was asked to get duplicate sim even after that problem not solved . Later they said that issues is with all models so they released new software to solve that issues . And my phone got upgraded still issues is not solved . How a Company like jio sells such phone which could not even do it's basic function . How people will get to know they received the calls ?


25 Feb,2022
Dear Jio, Recently I did mistake to covert my Airtel plan to join jio. I did not think about this such type of services. Otherwise I never change service-provider. Please repay my money back and I will convert plan from jio to Airtel. Thanks

Reliance Jio— Jio Fiber

10 Feb,2022
I purchased a new jio fiber connection on 17-Dec 2021. While purchasing time jio prosmied me that if I don't like the service, I can cancel the service within 30 days and Jio will not ask any information/question regarding cancelltion and refund the full amount within 17-18 days. They will pickup the router within 3 days and after this they will take 14 days to refund the amount. I requested to cancel the service on 11 Jan 2022 and then Jio send me a message that they have schudeled the pickup and agent will come in 48 hours to pickup the router. Then the agent cancel the request and so I contacted to customer care and they told me that they are rescheduling it. Now it complete 1 month from that date and still they did not collect the router and not refund my amount.

Reliance Jio— Jio fibre

14 Nov,2021
My jio fibre was uninstalled almost 3 months back. On 21-08-2021. I was not satisfied with the services. As per company offer ,since I placed an unistall request within 30 days of installation ,I was eligible for a full refund of Rs.2500/-. It's been 3 months now,but the company is only giving me assurances that your refund will be processed in 14 working days. Atleast 30 emails , twitter DM & direct phone calls have been made but to no avail.

Reliance Jio— Deposit refund not received

07 Oct,2021
Was availing postpaid plan for jio dongle since 2nd October 2020 and wanted to raise the speed as service at my area was pathetic(even lower than mobile data).They charged 750 rs for the upgrade and mentioned it's refundable when service is disconnected.I terminated the connection in March 2021 but till date didn't get refund.I had followed up multiple times on mail/twitter but all they do is assuring that they are "working hard" to process my request but no action taken so far after 6 months.

Reliance Jio— Network drop

27 Sep,2021
I have complained many times in their customers care, but they do nothing, only gave excuses that it is temporary issue and it will solve in few days. But no progress. I am tired to do complained agin and again. Our area (227805) has very poor network. They charge too much money, they take 4g speed money and gave 2g service. Is it really digital india? I am submitted a pic where you can see the network. 1st sim is jio and another is airtel. Both of them looting the poor customers. Plz stop them and take legal action against them.

Reliance Jio— Jio Fibre 999 Plan

26 Sep,2021
It has been a month since I paid the amount. No one has yet come to install the Dth Box. I haven't been anle to use the product for the entire month after paying for it.