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Redesh Franchise Pvt Ltd.— Franchise Cheating

30 Nov,2021
Company named Redesh Franchise World Pvt Ltd is making fraud, many people suffering from them. Many people lost hard earned money, they given false commitment and still no single rupees earned. I have invested ₹ 2.5 Lakhs in the month of February 2021, still there is no reoky from them, no one picking calls, no official communication. They just took our money enjoying but we are from poor background people suffering a lot. I have taken loan from someone and invested, paying EMI & interest for that. Please help me to get back my money. 100+ invested here and lost money. I don't know what want to.

Redesh Franchise Pvt Ltd.— Cheated of my franchisee investment

18 Oct,2021
Redesh Franchise world Pvt Ltd is Fraud Franchise Company! They are cheating people. They spoke nicely to me until they took the full amount from me Initially they asked me to pay some advance amount of 2Lakhs as Franchisee Fee to generate CRM and will asked me for location choice, once I proposed the location they told me location available so asked me to pay the balance amount of 5 Lakhs for agreement process. Once I paid full amount they give me an agreement in 20Rs bond paper and after than no news from them they all disaper. That's all after that I never got any response for calls and messages. It's been 7months now, my outlet is not opened, and my MG (Monthly Guarantee Money of Rs 30,000) is not given. Since I haven’t got any response from them till date, I have decided to cancel my agreement with them and asked them for a refund of my 7 lakhs that I have paid to them, but they are refusing to give the same. I have been several times to their office, to meet the chairman, but he doesn’t meet me, only the MD Mr Sebin meets me and tell me some story and say in 10 days your refund cheque will be ready, after that he doesn’t pick up my calls or messages. The Chairman Mr Gowrishankar doesn’t answer my calls and he has blocked my number. There are a lot many more people who are facing the same problem like me. When we go to their office and ask them for a refund, they talk so bad to us and treat us as if we are fraud people. They don't respect us and show their attitude to us when we ask them for a refund. This stress has made me very sick and my health is been effected and i am under medication, i can't afford to take is stress and pressure anymore and would require your help to get back my harden money from this company. Please find below the details of the Management people in the company. Chairman - Gowrishankara, Mobile No: 9361433333 MD-Lakshmi, Mobile No: 9384849696 Sales GM-, Nirmala, Mobile No: 7823967233 - She is the head of sales and get people to invest in the company Senior Manager/Director -Sebin, Mobile No: 7550226666 – He keeps meeting all the customer who come for refund and lying to them that there cheque will be ready on 10 days and doesn’t answer calls, emails or message after that. Admin- Dinesh Mobile No: 7825858415 and Govind. Mobile No: 7823967236 – These 2 boys are from the admin department, they keep calling and threating customer who come for refund or who makes any complaint on the company. Sir, would also like to bring it to your notice that some of the Investors who have made complaint on the company have been threatened by the Chairman Mr Growishankar and his team, this is what is happening with us all. Sir, I would humblying request you to please look into my complaint and take action on this company and the Chairman and help me to get back my harden investment of 7 lakhs. I have been under a lot of mental stress for close to 7 months now because of this and it has effected my health and family well-being. Please help me to get back the money i have invested from this company. .