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Phonepe - Online Fraud— +918391051418 - spam and fraud - cyber crime - fake phonepe

25 Sep,2021
Got a call from +918391051418 no. They call and ask about phonepe cashback. They used to say you have received xyz amount and to scratch cards. Now, I know about such scams to I didn't fall it. So he started abusing me, using shitty languages. This is the moral harm. Not just cyber crime. What I can do ? I just mark it spam and block it. I asked my friends and family to block this no. But this is not the only no. And this is not happening for the first time. I know about this so didn't fall for it. What about our upper generation and children ? Need strict actions for such cases. These people are criminals. If they can talk shit like this they can do anything. Our data is not safe. What of he gets my address and harm me?