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25 Sep,2021
I got my message that they giving me part time job...i have just recharge my account and pay for their task. I have recharge their account(Account no - 0[Protected]Account name - Ratana Mandal IFSC CODE - BARB0KRINAD BANK NAME - BANK OF BARODA) (Name- Prabir Khatua Account number: [Protected]IFSC: FDRL0005555 UPI ID: [PROTECTED]@fbl Bank Name- Federal Bank) (Name: Jagannath Das Account number: [Protected]IFSC: FDRL0005555 UPI ID: [PROTECTED]@fbl Bank Name - Federal Bank) with about 150000 .but they are not refund my amount please help to bring back My amount.i have all chat which i do with girl who asked e to pay the money amd he will help. Me in withdraw the money... Please sir/mam help. Me to get back my money,..i shall be very thankful to you.please as soon as help. Me.i have borrow money from other to pay in their account,they asked me that i have only recharge with 5000rs but again and again i have to recharge because they giving me large amount task like 50000,60000,42000 etc.i had pay lot of money but they could not giving me back and asked have to. Complete their task which are comping with high price so tell me sir/mam how i can refund my money