Customer satisfaction rating— Job offer

15 Sep,2021
This is Aarush Kumar, student of jain college vvpuram. I'm currently staying in Basavanagudi. I got a call from a lady. She told me that I'm from she me that in what field you are looking for job then i replied her, I'm looking job in finance field. Then she ask me that what is your salary expectation and then I replied her 25000-30000rs. Then she asked me mahindra will be good for you, i replied yes to her. She sent me one link and asked me to fill the form and she asked me to pay 49rs . I did the same and i entered the otp without seeing the amount. My amount got deducted is 4900rs, so again se called me and i told her that you are me to pay 49rs then why my account got deducted 4900rs, then she told me that I'm refunding you the money and she asked me to send otp what you received in the phone while doing transaction for the purpose of refund. I got 2 otp one of 4900rs and another of 3000rs. She took both otp from me and again 3000rs got deducted from my account. Again she was asking another otp then i denied. So this is the full story. Sir I'm a student please help me . I got the call from this number +917408684331.