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Coin cash customer care number 9163313025Coin cash customer care number 9163313025Coin cash customer care number 9163313025— Fraud website

16 Sep,2021
Sir, I wanted to report a fraud website dealing in commiting cybercrime in India. I am also a victim in this. They first whatsapp msg people about online job and are asked to register and join. There upon do recharge of various denominations and then a task is placed to order products using the recharge amount later on task completion the principle amount and commission is given to the user for withdrawal. Initially first couple of transaction is successfully done to let the user know he is earning money but as the subsequent task follows for a greater amount of order the user has to make bigger payment and then one has limited balance left to complete the order so he has to do a bigger recharge to complete the order and the process goes on. And all the user invested money is lost. Sir, kindly let me know if you could help me with this. A cybercrime incident has also been raised for the issue.