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LG India— Defective Refrigerator sold and refusing support/service

13 Oct,2021
I purchased a brand new LG refrigerator on 10th Aug 2021 from Amazon.IN and it got delivered on 12th Aug 2021 LG person came and set it up. We started using the fridge and realised two main issues: 1)The fridge was sweating from inside water starting from freezer to the tray to the entire fridge spoiling stuff in fridge 2)Clicking on defrost caused water to flow out of fridge on the floor and inside as well I called up LG customer care at first the suport on the telephone asked me to keep the fridge on some temperature setting and observe for 24-48 hrs and let them know I call back after few days Issue still exists LG support opens an incident Incident Number : RNP210904095368 - Sep 4th 2021 Engineer visits and opens the back chamber of fridge . does some cleaning , setting asks me to monitor for another 48 -72 hrs and he will come back He never turned so i called again Issue Persists LG Team sends another engineer He checks the fridge and mentions compressor is faulty and they will replace and he will comeback with the piece No one turns up i call up service center again. To my surprise service center has no clue of first two engineers and they want to send a third one now Meanwhile RNP210904095368 - is cancelled by LG Service center w/o my knowledge and the reason mentioned is Engineer Explained not visited (What does this mean) Meanwhile i escalate the issue to LG CEO office, National consumer Bureau Second Incident is opened : RNP 210922022894 An engineer again comes tightens some nuts and bolts and i am asked to monitor and he updates incident Under Monitor and mentions he will visit again No body turns up i called up again saying the two issues are there . LG Service center calls me and i tell them the issue is still there please fix. No support provided the incident is again cancelled. I turn to twitter and seek help Twitter Team says issue is resolved on their own They don't have even one Resolved/closed incident to share I share proofs and photos no help I am asked to raise third incident RNP211009073708 which is open since 9th Oct 2021. I paid a whooping amount but being mentally tortured for a product very well under warranty The contents in my fridge are getting spoiled and the water spills all over floor do we deserve this from a brand new fridge

LG India— 18k vouchers not received for purchase of 31k washing machine

04 Oct,2021
purchased LG product i was given offer during purchase of 10kg washing machine. i was suppose to get 2 set of voucher as per page attached 1. i must have received below benefits 1st category entry 10k link is 2nd category silver 8k As per t&c it was told i must have received sms by 15 days after mentioned offer time of campaign but today its 30 august already nothing received FROM LG. please be informed don't try to put it on reliance saying its reliance website purchase. in TnC its clearly mentioned LG suppose to send SMS. Also i talked with thriwe vendor mention in TnC they said 1st step for availing offer is to avail SMS containing voucher code to be sent by LG company. i term this as fraud, becoz LG misguided customer to buy something which is effectively so much low price as there are offers worth 18k+ it very fraud & mislead customer to fake offers.

LG India— Different LG Top Loading washing machines are actually same

18 Sep,2021
LG has launched series of washing machines in TOP Loading fully automatic segment. Machines have capacity ranging from 6 kg to 16 kg. 90 percent selling series is from 6kg to 8kg. Here comes the cheating. Actually 6kg, 6.2kg, 6.5kg, 7kg, 7.5kg, 8kg washing machines have the same wash capacity, there is literally no difference in terms of wash capacity at all. These washing machines have a range from Rs14,000 to 40,000 approx, but in terms of wash capacity there is not even a difference of a single gram. When this issue was shared with LGIndia, they admitted the cheat and called it a marketing strategy. Afterwards they completely disappeared. I started posting over their FB and Twitter page, and they started blocking my comments and tweets. Please help. I have each and every single proof for the points I have made in this message.

LG India— Refrigerator

After cyclone Tauktae, our LG Refrigerator (model - GL - Q282SHAM/2016) stopped working. We have lodged a complaint about the same on 20th May 2021 through the Toll Free number of LG Customer Care. The inspection was done by Royal Enterprise's service engineer after they have received the complaint. The service engineer from Royal Enterprise, had informed us that the fridge parts, namely, PCB and Compressor, are not working. Hence, there is a need for replacement. Also, he charged us around ?250. Again, 2 week ago a technician from LG India service center came to our house to check the refrigerator. He assured us within a week the problem will be resolved. When we called service center to get an update they said we have ordered the parts and waiting for delivery. It's been four months since the first complaint and the issue has not been resolved yet. We have been continuously calling the service provider for an update, messaged our concern on LG customer service WhatsApp number, raised the issue on their Twitter handle and have received nothing but fake promises from their end. We have purchased LG Refrigerator (model - GL - Q282SHAM/2016) on 14 October, 2016 from Arun Electronics and we have warranty of the same. Therefore, we have lodged the complaint to LG India and did not take the help of other service providers.