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Lenskart/Vincent Chase Eye Glasses— I was given the wrong power glasses -3.75

07 Oct,2021
Lenskart tested my eyepower and gave me wrong power, it was first with contact lenses, the technician tested and gave me a -3.75. I was wearing those lenses for quite a while and got used to it. Since it was irritating my eye and I wanted to switch to glasses, I went ahead and tested again from lenskart last year in Feb. They again gave me the same power -3.75. I was wearing it all these days. Now when I got it tested from another center, since the lenskart showroom where I bought these glasses got closed. Now it shows that my power is only -2.25. How can this happen. When I reached out to lenskart they told me that you should have got back to us earlier. How would I know because I got used to wearing these wrong power for so long.