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Lenovo— Sold Old Product With warranty started 9 months earlier.

28 Sep,2021
This is the worst service experience from Lenovo, I bought Lenovo Ideapad 330S on 20th November 2019, but the warranty started 9 months before, so I informed this to Bajaj Electricals first from where I bought but they asked to touch with Lenovo and I connected them but I haven't received any serious mail regarding this only I received the automated reply almost more than 1 year I keep complaining and received same automated reply. After this I connected Lenovo through a call 2 months before and elaborated the problem that I have received the old product whose warranty is not genuine, so they corrected their mistake they have created a new warranty, and asked us to connected nearby service center for more help. After this they ignore us in mail and in Twitter they asked us to connect service center. Here are the problem which shows that I have received an old product. 1.Very very slow performance From the very first day, I am experiencing various issues with the laptop that isn't working smoothly like the Microsoft office all apps are working very slow, this has disturbed my work during the corona pandemic. 2. False Lenovo Warranty This is not the case of not getting the service but also the fraud done by Lenovo as I have the laptop in November 2019 but the warranty period started before on mid of March 2019, this is the cheat done by the Lenovo seller we have spent around 36500 and I got defected laptop this ruined my business, I suffered a lot, this is unexpectable. For the proof hereby, I am attaching all the bills and a Screenshot of the Lenovo false warranty and also attaching the details which you can get access to the details of the item. 3.Missing Three Screw Since I bought there is a screw missing in the laptop which shows that the seller sold the defective product. 4. "R" and " A" doesn't work. These are the problem I kept reporting for but no serious reply.

Lenovo— Defective Laptop delivered

23 Sep,2021
I have ordered a Lenovo laptop on 28th August 2021 from Amazon India. Got it on 30th of August 2021. On 14th of September 2021, got blue vertical line. Raised a complaint. Technician has been assigned on 16th of September. Display screen was gone. After repairing, I was informed that Display Cable need to be replaced. On 20th September Technician came. Replaced the Display cable and got the Black screen after that. Again followed up the Lenovo Premium Support Team, they told need to replace mother board also. After mother Board replacement, WIFI I didn't get. Again raised a complaint and Premium support Team informed that need to Replace the WIFI card. on 22nd September 2021 Technician came, after that still Laptop didn't work. Contacted the Team again, they formatted my Laptop, installed OS , installed all the drivers, still the same issue. When I contacted the Lenovo Premium Team they are saying again HW issue. I asked what parts needs to be replaced, then they are saying the above components what they replaced before. Please understand It's affecting my work now badly. Kindly support me to ask Lenovo Team for a replacement of the Laptop. As again for Technician again It will take 4 days to them and same issue will be in loop. Thank You

Lenovo— Lenovo Legion Y540 Laptop Serial No - PF06J1N3, Case Id - 2003537393

20 Sep,2021
I bought the above serial number Lenovo Legion Y540 on 16-Jun-2021. Just over two months of use and its keyboard stopped working on 1-Sep-2021. Since this is one of Lenovo's premium product, I was offered premium care which promises to resolve any issue with machine within 2-3 working days. I logged an online ticket on 1-Sep-2021 for a faulty keyboard. Since then there have been 4 engineer visits at my place who have spent more than 12 hours combined and tried replacing motherboard, keyboard panel, motherboard and keyboard panel together in my machine and still nothing has been able to resolve this issue. In fact they have introduced new problems in my machine such as I/O board now not working. This must be a consequence of opening and closing of the machine several times during these engineer visits. So now i have more problems in my machine than i originally had. Lenovo customer care and technical support don't know when to call the machine irreparable. They keep on scheduling further engineer visits which a different person visiting each time and trying his own new ideas to fix up the machine with no success. There is no one within Lenovo who knows when to end this endless loop of engineer visits. All I have been hearing is that machine can't be replaced beyond 7 days of purchase and these engineer visits will continue until no one knows when. This has already gone on for more approx 3 weeks now and i have lost huge amount of money as well as mental peace due to this predicament. I have not been able to work from home with this faulty machine. Not to mention the affect of this on my personal work. And to add to this saga, Lenovo has now closed the above case id marking it as 'resolved' in their system when I am here sitting with more faulty parts in my machine than I originally had. I am now seeking a replacement of this machine from Lenovo and they have been unresponsive in my requests or are not supportive at all. I have attached a full email chain with Lenovo customer care for further information. Request your help and intervention here please.