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Jiomart — Jiomart essentials Delivery

09 Fri,2021
I have ordered the Jiomart essentials on the app and mentioned the delivery address. it was cancelled by them without any call to the customer number mentioned in the delivery address slip. meanwhile, I was trying to call the delivery person he is ruthlessly speaking to customers and at night he came to the office place where delivery is mentioned. Order id Order No: 16314271240831413A-0.He Should call to customer mentioned in the Delivery address and myself returning the call he is not addressing my number 9494349426. I want my vegetables back.

Jiomart— Product not Delivered (Rs. 195) and only partial Refund given of Rs. 22. Jiomart is not paying the balance refund of Rs. 173

12 Oct,2021
MUMBAI, Maharashtra
An item (Almonds 200g) was paid for using Sodexo Meal Card while placing the order from Jiomart app. This item was not delivered by Jiomart. But only a refund of Rs. 22 was credited out of Rs. 195 pre-payment made. No action being taken or response given by Jiomart despite repeated complaints and follow ups. They have cheated me of Rs. 173 (pending refund). There is also a discrepancy in the Invoice copy amount and the amount shown to me while making payment on Jiomart App. Attaching screenshots of online order, refund made and Invoice copy given to me on delivery. Order Number -16333300680060219A Order Amount - Rs. 401.67 Product Not Delivered - Good Life Almonds 200 g Amount - Rs. 195 - I should receive Rs. 195 as refund as the item is not delivered. However, I have only received Rs. 22 as refund. I need to receive a balance refund amount of Rs. 173. There is a major discrepancy in your actual billing process and charges levied from the App. As per the calculation while placing the order from the Jiomart app, below was the detailed calculation applied. Total Bill Amount = 401.67 Cashback applied = 78.10 Loyalty Points applied = 3.30 Sodexo payment made (paid for almonds as Sodexo is applicable only to food items on the order)= 195 Balance amount to pay as COD = 401.67 - (78.10 + 3.30 + 195) = 125.27 I paid Rs. 125.25 on Delivery in Cash. I did not receive Almonds and this was marked as Short Delivery. So I am eligible for a refund of Rs. 195. This amount was already pre-paid while placing order. I am refunded only Rs. 22 in my Sodexo wallet. What about the balance Refund of Rs. 173? Additionally, in the invoice copy - Almonds are charged at Rs. 173 only. But I have already made a pre-payment of Rs. 195 while placing the order. So my total refund eligibility is Rs. 195 irrespective of the invoice copy which is incorrect based on the charges deducted from my Sodexo. I have raised multiple complaints with Jiomart on customer service and via email since 5th October. Jiomart has replied on email that they need time till 8th October to resolve this. However, despite repeated follow ups, I have no response or resolution or refund on my complaint. This is causing excessive mental stress and adding to my financial burden. I am forcibly made to pay for an item that was not delivered to me. This is sheer harassment, case of zero customer service and negligence on part of Jiomart. Please credit this to my original payment method - Sodexo immediately as I rightfully deserve it.

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Jiomart— Received Expired and Substandard Quality product (Order Id# 16320636570137996A)

24 Sep,2021
Order Id# 16320636570137996A JioMart Undri, Pune store is delivering long expiry packaged foods and playing with health of customers, but JioMart Management is not taking any action against this store even raising multiple complaints. JioMart delivered the expired Kellogg's Chocos Variety Pack 156 g * 2 Qty and rotten oranges - 1 Kg. I am very disappointed once again by receiving substandard quality products from JioMart. Now they processed the refund into Jio Wallet instead of original payment mode and feeling cheated. I never want to do shopping again with JioMart and need refund back into my original payment mode

Jiomart— Non delivery of services

18 Sep,2021
Hi We ordered groceries that was intended to be recieved on a certain date and it was not delivered to us. They kept changing the delivery date every day. When we tried cancelling they did not allow us and arent giving back the refund of the order too. Please help

Jiomart— Refund related

18 Sep,2021
I order Garlic 200 gm which price is 39 but your shippment took ginger behalf of garlic and I immediately return, how they do that when garlic is not available they put ginger in my order and till I received only 36 rs rest of the money when I received ?