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Incred Financial Services Ltd— Fake loan showing in Cibil

09 Mar,2022
In the recent past I have applied for a PL but at the time of verification they said I have a unpaid loan which is showing in my Cibil report, however I have never applied for such loan. When I communicated to them they said this is a credit line/ eligibility which is showing in my Cibil. I didn't understand the logic as because a loan can be shown in Cibil only when I take any loan. Incred shown a forge loan in my name and for that my Cibil rating has dropped a lot and a result my loan application got rejected. Please note that I have always paid my dues on time to maintain good Cibil record, Incred Financial intentionally damages my cibil record by showing fake loan. Requesting you to please intervene in this issue