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IDFC FIRST BANK— Debit card delivery

28 Mar,2022
Currently I am staying on my current address which is on temporary basis and my permanent address is different. Now bank is denying to deliver the debit card & cheque book at my current address as I don’t have any proof ot that. I guess that is why a current address is designed for where you don’t need any proof.A current address can be a rented place, a hotel etc.

IDFC FIRST BANK— Charging extra EMI fraudulently on name of Moratorium and extra EMI non refund despite follow up.

11 Oct,2021
Further to the loan closure the we continue to face the issues with IDFC bank IDFC FIRST Bank Loan Account Number 29918035 We took a loan of 31 Lacs but the disbursal was lss than 29 lacs and they charged an advance EMI, Basically they loaned me 29 lacs and started charging interest on 31 lacs from day 1. we decided to forclose the loan in August and checked for the Foreclosure and they charged us hefty 5% . That was ok because we signed the agreement. However we paid entire amount asked by them but still they went ahead and charged the next month EMI too. In the process however we found that THEY Claimed that in May they gave us Moratorium but they recharged it in june 2020 . In nutshell they charged two EMI 2020 June . and they kept on charging interest on this Extra EMI for over 17 months and charged me 5% as forclosure charge too. My last EMI deducted was on 02/09/2021 when my principal outanstding was 15,45451.37. which i am now counting as principal to be paid 5% as Foreclosure on that-77272.57 + 13906 (GST) =91178,57 as Foreclosure charges including GST Total outstanding – 1545451.37 + 91178 =1636630.24 Rs Foreclosure charged by IDFC on 2nd Sept 2020 -18,89556 INR Difference -252925.76 Rs is what they should refund me and I am waiting for it for now over 40 days. My Letter to them...... Despite this the EMI was deducted on 2nd September and till date the refund is not done despite several follow up. Basically my money is important and our money that they have taken have no interest and you can use it to their convenience and not refund it???/ 3. Further more , the SO Called One Moratorium that you mentioned , was recharged on June 17 from our bank and it didn’t reflect in their statement anywhere. Please find attached the Bank statement. Its enclosed and marked in Yellow. 4. Basically they charged me 108, 265 more in the month of June 20 and continued to charge interest on my money for one year and also charged 5% on that as Prepayment charges too. Can you recalculate the whole repayment schedule and foreclosure charges and refund the money in next 24 hours with interest on my 108,295 calculated reverse + 5% refund of foreclosure charges cum GST and my EMI deducted in September and interest on that for 29 days plus days for which you used it conveniently. Complaint is already with RBI / Consumer court -2991633 NO . I am further planning to make a social media campaign against your fraudulent and cheating activities. You guys are really disgusting and dishonest. I need resolution of my grievances immediately.

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01 Oct,2021
Already I have paid the august bill on 2 September 2021.emi paid by upi. i have order of emi payment. my total august bill was rs-2274. this bill paid on amazon pay later account through the UPI. i have screen shot and everything for it. but idfc bank customer say to me your emi pending for 1419 . since 2 september 2021 to till now they are not updating my account. from the last month bill some bill added in september bill. They are doing calls only. i have statement for the august month 2021 i'm attaching screen shot for the same.