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ICICI Prudential Life Insurance — I'm Complaining about the delay in Intermediate Payout

03 Feb,2022
Ref : ICICI Prudential policy number 16336130 The payout was scheduled on 25/01/2022 then why the same has been processed on 28/01/2022 ? Request your explanation on the same. For any delay in Premium payment, ICICI Prudential charges penalties on the customer. Now, whether any penalty will be levied on ICICI Prudential ? Request your explanation on the same. Raised compliant Call ID # 215289621 Call ID # 214887208 Call ID # 214700910 But no response on my quarry from ICICI Prudential.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance — Fraud : fake request of policy surrender generated by ICICI staff

16 Sep,2021
I have a life insurance policy with ICICI prudential life insurance. Out of the blue on 7th September 2021 I receive a message stating that the policy is surrendered and amount will be credited to my account. Me or anyone from my behalf had not requested the surrender and yet they were processing it. How can they process a surrender of policy without customer approval? This is plain and simple case of fraud. I have raised a complaint with them and have been following up with them from these many days and there has been no solution. Even I tried to escalate to their highest level of grievance redressal on their portal and it does not work. The portal did not accept my complaint. Why is there a portal to complaint when it is not accepting the complaints? It left me with no other option then to write directly to IRDAI and tweet about their pathetic behaviour after doing such a big fraud.