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HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Ec1048ax— To want replacement of my new purchased HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

Hello,I had purchased new HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop ec1048ax from online Amazon.Then after 15-18days the laptop started creating problem.The laptop has onsite warranty.First the problem was while using my laptop display stop working and white bands are come to see.After I called for onsite service they didn't respond gently they respond after 2 weeks to only visit and see the product.The engineer said it has problem of display wire again I wait for a more than week.After changing wire display doesn't work again the engineer said it is problem of whole display.Again after more than 10 days display changed but 2 pixel were damage and audio mic stop working then after that they did't came to solve it they call me and tell me to do this and that I am customer why should I do?last I went to Pune service centre where problem is solved by changing direct mother board this means the whole was faulty product.My new HP laptop was full of problems although they done but I am not satisfied with that,I want new replacement of my HP laptop.My location is Tal-Yawal, Dist-Jalgaon, Maharashtra-425304. Jalgaon has no HP service centre so it is operated from Aurangabad HP service centre and they were involved in giving me bad service and not solving my problem.