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HP— Worst after sales service/ product under warranty and yet not providing the replacement

Greetings. I have purchased HP Pavilion x360 11th Gen Intel Core i3 14-inch(35.6 cm) FHD Touchscreen Convertible Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10/MS Office 2019/Fingerprint Reader/1.52kg), 14-dy0002TU, Silver, on Amazon on 25th December 2021. I have used the product for less than 2 months until 21st February 2022, which is when I faced the trouble with battery. Even though the charger was plugged in, battery didn't get charged and this continued until the next day. On 22nd, which is the day of my interview, I had to cancel it due to the sudden failure of the battery of my laptop , I called hp customer support. After explaining everything and providing the details(which I have acquired by myself before calling hp), the agent stated that the replacement for the battery will be provided within 24 to 48hours at our home. However, there was no replacement. We kept calling them every single day and all they kept saying was "we didn't receive the product yet,but the issue will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours". Then, on 2nd March 2022, I've dropped an email to saying that I'm very disappointed with the service of hp and that I'll be forced to file a complaint at consumer court if the issue doesn't get resolved. Soon after an hour or so of dropping the email, the agent called us. Initially that wasn't the case. We used to call them repeatedly but they never did to update about the status or any other matter. The agent(he introduced himself as superior) called and very politely assured that our replacement will be completed 3rd March without fail. However, as always, they failed to keep their promise. On 3rd, when we contacted the support team again around 2pm, the story remains the same. 24-48 hours. We tried calling them again and again & it is after 12days that they inform us to wait until 25th of march for the battery as it'll arrive on that date. I have emailed the service of hp ( explaining my whole problem again and all I got as a response was that "your issue will be addressed soon by one of our superiors". When we try calling them, they either don't pick up or disconnect the call as soon as they hear our case id and name. It's always us who keeps calling hp. They rarely call to update or let us know about the status of the case. We are very much depressed and frustrated due to this. The laptop costs 60,000/-, I'm still paying EMIs without a job(I'm a freelancer & at the moment I'm losing almost 2000/-per day besides missing more than 4 interviews due to the current issue with my laptop which is because of HP's worst after sales service) and it is in warranty period and yet we're unable to use it due to the lack of after sales service of hp. (Also, an important point to note here is that, when I performed the diagnosis of laptop post it's battery failure, the age of battery was displayed as 232days, while infact it has only been less than 2months that I bought it). It's been more than 13days and I had to cancel more than 4 of my interviews due to the unavailability of laptop and this is really concerning me a lot. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a freelancer and I'm losing money as we speak due to this issue. Not knowing what to do and how to proceed, here I am, writing a detailed complaint to you. I hope you understand the issue and help me out in this. Please just convey hp to take back their product and provide me with a full refund and compensate me for the additional loss I'm bearing that I mentioned earlier. (I should be asking for more actually, based on how much money I'm losing on my freelance orders, due to the unavailability of laptop). I don't trust hp anymore on warranty or any other service. I'm really desperate and hoping that you'd do the needful. I lodged 2 complaints on hp in consumer forum. First complaint was lodged on 3rd March 2022 and the second on 7th March. However, 2nd one was dismissed by both hp and consumer forum. Providing below the case id and other details of hp that they created when we called them Thank you Lakshmi Pravallika Hp case id 5080991656 Product id 3W2A3PA#ACJ