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Honda— Coin cash customer care number 9163313025

Coin cash customer care number 9163313025Coin cash customer care number 9163313025Coin cash customer care number 9163313025

Honda— Car rusted or peel off

24 Sep,2021
, No one has listened to anyone yet. No one has given any responsible answer. In three years, my car has driven 22000 km, the car is parked inside the parking lot, yet there is rust on the inside and outside, how can the company get away from the fact that the problem is not in the car paint or body, also write to social media I have been writing the email for more than a month, after making the sale, the service is left to God, honda did not visit the service center, did not do any checkup and it has happened due to external reasons, such information escalation team was sent to. I want the company's professional engineer to come and check all the photos himself and take the decision, I do not trust the dealer. I have already written all the services done from Piragarhi Ring Road Honda with salt water on his advice, got rubber painted in the first year itself, still the car got rusted, in the second year the car got rusted in many places, after that he explained to me Painted many places, I still agreed, but now 20 to 22 places have rusted, what should the customer do, now the company should give a positive answer. The company is not treating an honest customer well.. Narender 9312654912 9650030712

Honda— weneed

10 Sep,2021
indore, Madhya pradesh
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