Customer satisfaction rating

HDFC Bank Credit Card— Millennium credit card

24 Jan,2022
They are harassing their customers . Putting the charges on card without any explanation even if I asked. Hdfc gave me a card with limit of 118000 and after paying them since 2018 till last year Oct the od amount is 157862 . Hdfc rep a lady saying to me teri aukad kya h defaulter h tu, if that's how they want me to pay them. I am sorry. Hope it's not for just sake of formality. Rest I have a night shift to go in night. You may refer to my tweets

HDFC Bank Credit Card— Regarding HDFC Credit Card EMI Conversion

27 Sep,2021
I have purchased an electronic item from, a Merchant in Jodhpur city, Rajasthan, India. Where I paid 46000 from my HDFC Credit Card on No Cost EMI of tenure of 6 months, which was eligible for 4600 cashback also on date 19-06-2021. And I get receipt of EMI conversion (attaching below). Also my bill was generated on 23-06-2021. in which this transaction was not converted in EMI, and was included in billed amount the same, which I have to pay in a single transaction. Later I went to HDFC branch, called Customer Care (4-5 time) each time they only tried to convenience me to take a personal loan and pay this EMI, and then pay the personal loan on EMI, or convert this transaction to EMI now, (which was payable). And which I did not accept that and I manage to pay that amount. Now when I tweet about this on date 2 Aug 2021, then they listen issue, and. Initially HDFC excuses that my card was block, due to this EMI was not converted, and reason for card block was payment was due on my card, but there are no such due on my card. When I denied to satisfy with this silly answer, then decide to convert this 46000/- transaction to EMI (which amount I already have paid). and they created EMI for this transaction. and then I refuse to use this EMI so, then cancelled this EMI. Now HDFC is saying that, EMI was converted due to merchant fault, merchant did not sent any EMI file to bank, so EMI was not converted. When I confirmed to merchant, there are no such process to sent any file to bank for any EMI conversion. Also my cashback was not received for same. So here my loss is interest on amount 46000/- and cashback which I didn't get rs. 4600/-.