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Google, — Google account recovery

My Google account has a 2nd stage verification ON. There was only one trusted device (Mobile) registered against the same account. 1. My phone got dead (trusted device). I purchased a new phone and tried log-in to my Google account with my correct password. 2. Inspite of sending OTP, the app was asking to enter 8 digit backup code. Earlier upto this year starting google use to send OTP whenever login from a new Device. 3. 8 digit backup code is only accessible when account is active (in privacy setting of account). 4. I have been sending repetitive email to Google customer care but all went in vain, None responded. 5. From last 2 months I am twitting google for help, but they were not reading my DM, never understood my problem. 6. What recovery option they are proving is only for account not having 2nd stage ON. 7. As a result they recovery link never land to the page hwre security questions is asked. 8. However every time I get a message on my new phone (having registered number) that Google has blocked someone who was trying to login into your account with your password. 9. I have sent my ID for authentication of my Google Account to Google in DM, But they have never read my message.