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Goindigo— Baggage fee charged

07 Feb,2022
PNR: CN8BGT made to submit both check-in bag (11kg) and handbag (8kg) and charged 3000 for 4kgs(*500) extra(+1000) check-in bag because carrying a laptop. Filing for harassment, duping, mistreatment by staff at @ahmairport for @IndiGo6E flight.

Goindigo— Seat Allotment

05 Feb,2022
Sir, while my recent journey with Indigo airlines on Jan 27, 2022, from HYD-DEL under PNR: UPUDRQ in my name, DHIRAJ NANDA, I paid an amount of INR 1000, for seat allotment. Since web check-in is mandatory by airlines and govt. else airline charge extra amount if not done, While doing web check-in approximately 2 hrs before departure time, there were no seats pre assigned, so i had to chose my own seat and there's a message being displayed there always stating "if there are no pre-assigned available due to ops reasons, then I may chose seat by paying the seat amount and same will be refunded" Now, when I am asking for same, the airlines is denying saying that you have travelled on paid seat. I urge to please check and get me a solution please

Goindigo— Predatory pricing from Airlines

15 Sep,2021
I have requested a group booking from Surat to Kolkata on 14-Sep-2021, 00:46:11 for 12 passengers. I have received a quoted price of INR 3,660. The quotes are valid for 24 hours from the time of initiating the request. As such i tried to book the tickets at the quoted price on 14-Sep-2021, 22:10 (Within the time). However, upon proceeding with the request the fare was said to be invalid and a price of INR 7,314 was offered which is double the price i was getting. Upon checking with the airlines they mention that is the best price they can quote. How can the price be hiked double in span of few minutes. Also we have a family trip planned and we had separate group bookings, due to such a huge fluctuation in price it has hit my booking which we already booked at INR 3,660 per ticket for 12 passengers and paid INR 18,000 as advance, If Indigo cannot honor a quote why do they provide a facility of obtaining a quote and no intention of honoring the same. This has effected our plan and i want to cancel my initial booking as well. A slight variance in price is acceptable but an extreme fluctuation just to play monopoly and looting public money is very disheartening. Please help me to either retrieve my quote and allow me to book at the earlier quoted fare or provide full refund of my other booking.