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GoFirst Airlines — Prevention from boarding the flight and filing no-show

04 Mon,2022
I had booked a flight with Gofirst for my 70 yr old father. The flight was rescheduled, cancelled and again rebooked 3 times by the airlines. And when my father reached the airport with boarding pass 1hr prior to flight timing, he was prevented from boarding alongwith 15 other passengers and forced to buy tickets for the next flight leaving after 14 hrs. Even though it was clearly mentioned in the boarding pass that the gate will close 25mins prior to flight departure. The Customer care executive keeps changing their statement each and everytime they call without a hint of consistency or truth. Flight no. G8791 PNR- QYI7NG BENGALURU TO KOLKATA.

GoFirst Airlines— Airline ticket

28 Mar,2022
This is to inform you that I Rajni Gupta My PNR is R5PG4S. I was travelling from Kolkata to Delhi on 26 Feb 2022 I was charged Rs. 7500 for extra baggage and I did the payment of Rs.7500 at Kolkata airport via Google pay. It was done successfully from my end and the amount was deducted from my bank account but the respected staff at the Airport they denied the payment was not received to them. After that I did another payment from the Paytm the amount of Rs.7000 and 2000 that was successfully done from my end and they confirmed the payment was received to them. In whole this scenario I was harrassed by the respected Staff as they didn't allowed me for the Check-in. As I was at the Airport 2 hours before to as per my flight schedule. And my flight was missed due to all this and I was not given any exception. After that I was given a connecting flight from Kolkata- Bengaluru- Delhi. When I came to place the next day I went to my respected bank for the enquiry about the payment which was done twice. As I had the conversation with the bank manager they provided me transaction statement which was completely showing that the transaction is successfully done and it was received by the GoAirlines. And my respected bank asking for the GoAirlines transaction statement. So kindly provide me with the transaction history or statement. Because as I mentioned you above the three transaction amount in which the amount of Rs.7500 is to be refunded to me as the bank is assuring us that the payment was received to GoAirlines and it has to be done from GoAirlines end. As I've already filed a complaint previously on 26th Feb 2022 but I didn't received any resolution till now from GoAirlines which is harrasing for me. So I request you to kindly help me with my concern ASAP. Because amount means to me a lot. As it is my hard earned money.