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FORD India Pvt Ltd— Ford Ecosport BS6 Titanium Diesel

10 Dec,2021
Dear sir , I own a BS6 Diesel Ecosport Titanium in which i face a persistent problem related to DPF. It's been 9months since I've purchased the car but in these nine months I've faced the warning for more than 10times, visited service stations for more than 4times for this DPF issue. At first time when i got the pop up warning in my car that "Exhaust Filter Is Overloaded , Drive to Clean". I got panic and called the dealer from where i purchased the car. He then advised to go for a highway drive of 30kms with 2000rpm and the filter will be cleaned. I did the same as advised for first 3-4times when i faced this warning wasting my hard earned money for fuel and time. Also it doesn't get cleans in a 30kms drive as claimed by Ford India Pvt Ltd. Then this warning started coming in every 15-20days and forcefully i had to drive to highway despite regular drive of my car with an average 35-40kms daily. In recent days , my car was recalled for cataletic convertor. And it was changed on 17th November 2021 and i faced the warning on 29th November 2021. Just 12days after a part being changed related to DPF. Also in these 12days my car had a drive of more than 500kms+ still the filter got clogged. You can check all my database with Mr Bharath Kumar , concern number 800394115. Sir , to be honest i had faced very tough time from Ford India Pvt Ltd's product. It took my mental peace , caused me harassment and made me felt like crying. Please try to understand it is not affordable for me to take car for a highway drive without reason! Why would anyone drive the vehicle without any reason sir? Why? To clean some carbon particles one has to waste his hard earned money on fuel and also has to waste his precious time for this highway drive. Whyy? If i don't have any need to go to highway drive why should i go? Just to clean a filter? It sounds sarcastic sir. That to clean a filter i should waste 1000rs+ fuel and precious time which can't be counted in terms of money. This time when i raised a concern on 29th November , i drove to highway too but the filter didn't cleaned. And then after many arguments , requests and urges i got s support on fuel and toll charges for the highway drive to be done by KS Ford Malviya Nagar workshop guy. The drive was scheduled yesterday(9/12/2021). I went at 9:40am and was waiting for the driver to come . Despite being a scheduled drive directly with Ford India Pvt. Ltd , driver was assigned at 10:35am to me. At 10:40am we left with driver for highway drive of 140kms and despite such a long drive my filter was not cleaned. Then we came back at 1:00pm at service station. They tried static regeneration process twice which also failed to clean the filter. And unfortunately i had to leave my car to workshop yesterday and came to home with cab. Why would i spend for cab sir? I have to spend so unnecessarily which I can't from next time. I can't afford sir! Sir , to highlight. I wasn't disclosed about consequences of buying BS6 Diesel Engine by both dealer and the company. If i would have been told about this DPF issue which i will face in my car and for that the only solution claimed by company is Highway Drive of 30km at 2000rpm which also was declared as failure in yesterday's drive. I would have bought a petrol engine sir! Would have compromised in mileage rather than this harassment , mental peace taking and unnecessary money spending for forceful highway drive sir! Just calculate how much of my hard earned money is spent till now for such a highway drive , leaving car to service station and going and coming back to come cab charges , toll charges for highway drive. I bow to you sir , i bow to you please forgive me it is my mistake that i bought a car from Ford India Pvt Ltd sir ????. It is my fault. I trusted you but shouldn't have i felt now! Sir one buys car for convenience not for forceful things to be done because of the manufacturing defect done by the company which company says as a product's feature. Sir , if it is a product's feature why i wasn't told about it at time of purchase sir? I bought car for my mother , due to this frequent warning she has refused to drive the car. She is frightened if anytime this warning comes , will she take it to highway? She fears if anything goes wrong with the engine , what she will do? I bought this car with much happiness and enthusiasm spending my hard earned life time money but this was a wrong decision of mine. As it is the worst car in my life till the date. Why would anyone drive the car to highway sir without any reasons? The service advisors say if you'll drive in city you'll face this issue frequently there is no solution other than useless highway drive. So , one needs to buy different car? Like one for city drive and one for highway drive? Sir all claims made for highway drive by Ford India Pvt Ltd have been discovered false in yesterday's drive sir. Also I don't want to keep this car anymore sir. Even if someone offers me this car for free , I won't take it sir. Sir , what i felt since months i know. One holiday in a week and that too is wasted due to taking car for highway drive. I can't afford any unnecessary money for diesel regarding this highway drive. So I don't want to keep this car. I am fed up sir. Take my car and give my money back sir. Or replace it from Diesel engine to a petrol engine sir. Regards Yash Bhandari RJ45CN8900 8769767717