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Delhi Jal Board— New connection installing issue

03 May,2022
Dear Sir, We had applied for our water connection 2 months back and paid it on 9th March.but our connection installing is not yet done. I request you to complete my connection installing.I have already done the payment. Connection No - 9625264915 Kindly look into the matter and do the needful at the earliest. Regards, Ankit Kumar 8950372065

Delhi Jal Board— Frequent supply disruption and inadequate supply of water in 4D Block, Old Rajinder Nagar

15 Apr,2022
Despite many efforts to raise this issue and get a permanent resolution to a persistent water supply crisis in 4D Block, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi 110060, the residents continue to suffer from frequent supply disruption and inadequate supply of water. In this extremely hot weather, and with the threat of a fourth COVID wave, we are suffering from no water supply in 4D Block, Old Rajinder Nagar, from the last many days. Everytime, there is some alibi for the disruption - from blaming another authority to low reservoir levels, from high levels of ammonia to broken pipes! There is one excuse or the other for supply disruption. We are unable to get clean and consistent tap water supply in 21st century India in the heart of the Indian capital! It is surely very, very disappointing. Adding to our woes, no alternate arrangement (tanker) is being sent to the area despite repeated requests. What are we supposed to do? Perish without water? 1916 complaint process is also broken. Please take cognizance of this persistent issue. Delhi is experiencing a heat wave and 4th wave fears are also there. How can health and hygiene be ensured without water? Kindly look into this complaint, and assign a team for assessing the situation and providing a resolution.

Delhi Jal Board— no water supply

26 Mar,2022
no water supply in my area harphool vihar najafgarh

Delhi Jal Board— Bill details. K. No -6844351000

17 Feb,2022
Dear Sir Request you to share proper bill details against k. no. 6844351000 as I did not receive bill from long time. Please advise for any possibility of waive off of bill amount.

Delhi Jal Board— NO Water from Delhi Jal Board supply since Day of New Connection (23-Dec-20)

23 Sep,2021
Water Connection applied : March'2020 Water Connection provided : 23-December-2020 after tremendous follow-ups and lodging Grievances (KNO:6913410368 and KNO:3954811604) Till date, NOT even Single Drop of water from the Connections, despite lapse of NINE MONTHS and making complaints to DJB, CPGRAMS, LGPOST and PGMS Delhi. Road dug for giving connections on 23-Dec-2020 has not been repaired till date. There has been commitments for Date Final Compliance as :29/07/2021 ( as per LGPOST 2021006476) but still NO Water There are inconsistent ATR for different Grievances by same official. Latest ATR dated 17/09/2021 for LGPOST Grievance 2021011982: a) This area is under PPP Project of Delhi Jal Board in which the water connection is provided by the operator M/s NWS Pvt. Ltd. itself from the DJB water line to the consumer end b) The colony of the complainant is situated at the tail end of the distribution system where water pressure is very very low and during the summer season there becomes an acute shortage of water due to more consumption by the residents. Above remarks are not maintainable on Ground as Consumers are contracted with Delhi Jal Board, which has given outsourced the job and are absolute authority related to Water supply in Delhi. Also, as the official has mentioned that the Colony is in Tail end of distribution system, then how come water is coming just 20 meters away from my connection and why did they give connection after accepting application with Payment. Adding salt to my injury, they had even sent me a bill of INR 2,290/- in May'2021 which again took a lot of energy for reversal and correction.