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BSNL 4G— Wrong recharge of rs 198 in 9830640682

03 May,2022
Respected sir, My father 70 years old wrongly recharge for his mobile with the pack of 198 which has no outgoing service. Being aged he dont need much of internet. He wanted to change hisbplan from 198 to 153 so that outgoing service can be availed. For the same talked to customercare on 30th april 2022 where ,it was advised to visit nearest BSNL office . I visited BSNL office of sector 11 Gandhinagar gujarat on 2nd may 2022. Told the area manager the problem and also conveyed the commumcation with customer care executive.area manager replied if customercare reply whatever what can we do. This is not possible. Forget 198 rs and get new recharge of 153 whats the harm. 198 rs loss me kya ho jayega? I told him its not matter of 198 rs its matter of business ethics and right of customer.. then he made me to talk some executive at other office juat like telephone operator. The other person listen me and told me to give phone back to area manager . Then he told me your problwm cant be solved better you go home. I told him i will escalate the issue to higherup then he replied as you wish . I asked for his visisting card then he replied when bsnl not goving money for visisting cards why should i spend on my own. Bsnl should think of it. I told him if there will be no customer what will you do? His answer was bsnl will look in to it. In short they have no value of customer . I did not find any concern for customer. I feel pity on illiterate and poor customers who has to get such services. Finaly i gave my complain in written he happily received it and told me will forward to higherup lets see what happens how is your luck!. Even i had escalated the matter on twitter (as attached) bsnl replied they will lookin to it but nobody reverted till today then i had got recharge for rs 797 today. Regards Rakshak shah

BSNL 4G— Bsnl fiber

21 Apr,2022
@BSNLCorporate मेरा bsnl fiber पिछले 04 दिनों से बंद है मेने bsnl office में जाकर शिकायत की तो उन्होंने बताया कल तक ठीक करवा देंगे जब ठीक नही हुआ तो में दोबारा गया तो bsnl office के कर्मचारियों ने बोला आप कनेक्शन हटवा दो हम ठीक नही करेगें हमारे पास इतना समय नहीं है । और जिसने कनेक्शन लगाया था उसने 3000 रुपए लिए थे जिसका बिल आज तक नही दिया और कनेक्शन के बाद net ठीक से चला ही नही


26 Mar,2022
Dear Sir, It is intimated that I have tried to generate UPC for port out many time but still it is not received. A message from BSNL are received from 3 days whenever I sent message for UPC. "UPC CANNOT BE GENERATED AS THERE ARE SUBSISTING CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS WITH YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE" After that I have called to customer care on 1503 but no one received the call. Sir please help me for resolution. My details is as follows:- Akramul Haque Mobile - 9507841603 Circle- BSNL Bihar

BSNL 4G— SIM Card 4G... Network 3G...

28 Sep,2021
Selling 4G SIM.... Without 4G Network... Private Teleco's Reformed 3G Spectrum into 4G.... PSE's BSNL Not Reforming 3G BTS...