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BSES Rajdhani Power Limited — Electricity

09 Wed,2021
Dear Team, This is in reference to a formal complaint registration for the excess bill generation and the meter concern installed in my premises. For the past 4 years my monthly consumption bill has been less than INR 1000 and all of sudden I have got my bill amounting to INR 28000 which is totally unacceptable. I had also registered the complaint in twitter where the solution was not provided. Below is the consumption over the last 1 year, where it is very much visible that the trend is not correct after April'21 onwards. Ypou can check the record for last 4+ years on my consumption trend. The energisation date of the meter was 08/03/2014. Month Units Remarks Aug'20 363 Sep'20 305 Oct'20 199 Nov'20 120 Dec'20 147 Jan'21 297 Feb'21 426 Mar'21 265 Apr'21 - Jun'21 2190 700 Units PM Jul'21 1083 Until 25th July After my complaint there was meter testing done on 24th Aug 2021, but the before and after reading were the same and the person said that there is no error in this. There was no ICard which was shared while he came and it is mentioned in the report which is also attached with this mail. I would like to replace my meter and send this for the lab test as the readings are happening frequently and are not as per my consumption. The kind of bill we are getting is not as per the usage we have been doing in past and present. Being a customer I am not able to get a clear answer from anyone and each person asks us to visit the nearest centre during these covid times and it's not feasible. Connection Details - Name - Ramesh Chandra Pandey CA No - 151041814 Mobile No - 7838597797 / 9891847575 Pole No - NJFPN186S1 Bill No - 102014755084 Looking forward to hearing from you with the suitable time for the lab test to be conducted for our meter and replacement of the meter.

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited— Power cut

16 Sep,2021
There's power cut for more than three hours without any intimation. Due to power cut, unable to do buisness which cause hefty loss