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Bose— Bose Home 300 Speaker

04 Feb,2022
After spending 20K+ INR on a Bose Speaker, I've been boomeranged between your call center and local service center with no resolution. Bose Management, If an actual human with any capacity reads this, please consider this as a plea from a customer who has spent Indian Ruppees 20K+ on a Bose Speaker, which has been sitting at the local service center for 3 months. They keep telling me they can't replace or repair and keep asking me to contact the call center. The call center keeps sending me back to the local service center. I have wasted 3 months and now have a speaker, which has been sitting with BOSE 3/12 months and finally ran out of warranty. Are these the standards you withhold your company to? Are these the standards set by Amar Bose when he founded this amazing company? Can someone in authority contact me to resolve this and end my harassment, which has been never ending? Product: Bose home speaker 300LUX Serial: 079615W91190016AE