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Boodmo— I did not get my order it was too deliver yesterday and no response nothing

18 Aug,2022
did not get my order it was too deliver yesterday and no response nothing i am waiting for 2 weeks what is this sir

Boodmo— Boodmo Refund Releted

14 Jul,2022
Order place by debit card but waiting 15 days but not receive my item please refund my amount in my debit card boodmo refund query calling by•✓Boodmo Customer Care Toll Free Helpline ••82•93-560-187. Available in the link. Not working

Boodmo— Chrome cover fog lamp

24 Mar,2022
This is to inform you that I haven’t received my order yet n it’s been more that 20 days where as you guys had guaranteed delivery Withing 8/10 days my delivery day is being pushed forward evey now and then requesting you to either send me the order at the given etd that is 27/03/2022 if not refund me the cash back or either I’ll have to raise a complaint regarding this at consumer complaint forum . As it’s not a small amount that I’ve paid

Boodmo— Package Delivered with Missing Product

08 Oct,2021
On 23rd August 2021, I had placed an order for 2 Pcs. of Rear Suspension Shock Absorbers for my car for Rs.15,954, through Boodmo is a car spare parts portal that enables consumers to purchase spare parts online. The package was delivered to me by Boodmo's courier partner Delhivery, on 27th September, 2021. The package delivered was sealed, however, the package was not delivered in perfect condition (as illustrated in the attached photo). Upon unpacking the parcel, I discovered that only one product box had the product inside. The product inside the other box was missing. The only way to contact Boodmo is through email. I immediately wrote to Boodmo and they provided me with suitable evidence after a week, that both the products were packed and dispatched from their warehouse. They assured me that they will investigate the matter and provide me with a suitable solution. I have purchased products worth Rs. 80,000 from Boodmo and since I had never faced such an issue previously, I had complete faith in them. Being uncertain about the ability of the firms to find the missing part in time and being helpless with an incomplete pair of rear suspensions, I placed an order for 1Pc. Rear Shock Absorber of the same kind on 29th September as it would take another month for the product to arrive from Europe. In the footage provided by Boodmo, it is evident that both the products have been inspected and sealed and protected with bubble wrap. However, illustrated by the attached files, the product was not delivered to me in the same condition. The only possible explanation for the missing product directs blame only to Delhivery. However, Delhivery, without providing any evidence have denied any kind of tempering with the package. On 8th October 2021, I have received an email from Boodmo stating that none of the companies are taking responsibility for the missing product and I will not be refunded Rs. 7,977, for the missing product. Beware, fellow consumers, this is the kind of service you must expect from and Delhivery. Thus, I request all my fellow consumers to ban all such organizations that take consumers for granted.