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06 Apr,2022
Ranchi, Jharkhand
महाशय, बिना किसी अग्रिम सूचना बिग बाजार को बंद कर दिया गया।मैंने बिग बाजार से प्रॉफिट क्लब कार्ड बनवाया था जिससे मुझे हर महीने 1000 अगले 12 महीनो तक मिलने वाले थे जिसका 6 महीने का 1000 टोटल 6000 महीने का राशन ले आया और पिछले दो महीने से मेरे कार्ड में 2000 रुपया आया तो है पर बिग बाजार बंद होने के कारण में महीने का राशन नहीं ला पा रहा हूं और मुझे बहुत मुस्किलो का सामना करना पर रहा क्यों की मैं एक प्राइवेट जॉब में कार्यरत हूं और मेरे महीने की सैलरी fix हैं। मैं अनुरोध करना हूं की मुझे मेरे पैसे वापस दिलाने में मेरी मदद करे और जो नुकसान में उठा रहा उसकी भरपाई भी बिग बाजार से दिलाने की कोशिश करे। धन्यवाद

BIG BAZAR— About the gift coupons, flaw in their coupon system

30 Sep,2021
I received a below message from big bazaar "Last 3 Days to claim Rs.500 OFF! Use code: 695496328952 on Fashion Shopping of Rs.1500 in fbb/Big Bazaar store.Shop Online: Valid till 19 sept T&C" so I made a purchase of RS.1720 approximately. My bill has multiple items and out of it there's one tshirt of RS.299. After applying coupon I got it for some Rs.211.93. Now after reaching home tried the size and it didn't fit. So immediately went next day to exchange of same tshirt in next size. So went to desk they asked me this amount will be refunded to your future pay wallet and then you can pay again. I said okay. But after taking the new tshir.of L-size with same price they asked me to pay extra Rs.88. I asked why they said as the Rs.211 is refunded you need to pay balance amount to purchase 299. So my concern is here if am taking the same price tshirt then why I need to pay extra amount as I already paid for it. O tried explaining them even they agreed system is like that they can't do anything. The manager also said wrote several complaints to higher people but they refused to correct. Now because of this I couldn't buy that and decided to drop a shirt. Felt very dissappointing. It's not fair value system. I lost my RS.88 plus tshirt. Could you please do some justice on this. We can get bill details when we quote my mobile number and date.

BIG BAZAR— 2 Items 1:whole wheat atta 2:Sella Desh Boiled rice

21 Sep,2021

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I booked both these items online through Big Bazaar app and paid online. After that I call on behalf of BIG BAZAR and say. You pick up the goods, otherwise we cannot deliver your goods to your home and saying this I have canceled my luggage.If these people can't deliver the goods at home, then why take online orders?