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Bajaj Finance— Harrasment

Hello Sir, My name is Jitendra and my brother name is Rajesh. This morning on March 10, 2022 , I got phone call from Bajaj legal team and person was threaten me for a loan of unknown person to whom I don't know. I told him same then he said that he shared my number as guarantor and they don't have any document of me then he harrassing me that I should find out the person else he will take legal action against me. How this can be possible for me when I don't know the person. I went to Twitter and they said file a complaint to bajaj customer care which I did and didn't get update. This issue create caos in my family.

Bajaj Finance— Fraud by BAJAJ FINANCE

04 Mar,2022
It is very disappointing that you folks are irresponsible towards your service, on 14th February 2022 | mistakenly paid 599 rs for your CARD PROTECTION PLAN where in actually | was trying to pay for BAJAJ INSTA EMI CARD but in mistakenly clicked on different link instead of EMI CARD payment. Then instantly on that same day I called to your Customer care and they told me it will be refunded in 5-7 days but when I didn't receive my refund then | again called and then they asked to send bank statement which | sent and then | insisted them to send me an email that you guys will refund me now and they send the email in which they have written that it will be refunded in next 5-7 but yet THERE IS NO REFUND there is also a complaint number when today | called to customer care and told that complaint number they said there is no information and that guys disconnected the call..NOW | AM TOTALLY FRUSTRATED AND GOING TO SHOW THIS EMAIL TO CYBER CELL. PLEASE REFUND ME MY AMOUNT ELSE YOU WILL BE CALLED BY CYBER POLICE.

Bajaj Finance— Money deduction unnecessarily

05 Feb,2022
I have done the advance emi payment and received the confirmation also even then the Bajaj finserv and hdfc both are playing joint games and they have unnecessary deducted my 531 rupees This is fraud

Bajaj Finance— Emi cards

08 Nov,2021
I have been tortured continuously by there regular calls ans messages even I have requested them to stop all the commercial calls and messages and even after 2 3 month waits issue has been not solved need this things to be escalated on the highest levels

Bajaj Finance— Personal loan closure

21 Sep,2021
Bajaj employees are harashing me on daily basis however one of them employee guide me whose name is SONU sitting on Pitampura Branch 11th Floor on counter no- 02 to do this activity to stop the EMI payment . I have visited on this branch to close my account permanently with pay the rest amount as I am helpless to pay because of receiving deduction in salary because of COVID but still visited to pay. Sonu guide me if you want to close the account then you have to pay RS 2,80,277.86 on 16th Aug out of loan amount is RS 2,64,904.58. I fell a lot with Sonu, but still he did not listen to me and he told me that you will have to pay so much money.I fell from him and said that whatever is there, I am not able to run my house properly now. Still, I will not stop the payment of you people, then he told that you will have to pay only this much and I will not take any amount less than 50 paise. He gave this information that if you want to reduce the payment on your behalf. If the actual amount is there, then you will have to pay this or stop about 6-7 EMI , then only the team will call and settle it. You will be able to do this only otherwise I was not intently enough to stay with you guys for a single amount and you still have to pay the full amount. I have paid the total amount bajaj till now 15 EMI of ?8983 and 13 EMI of ?5740 and the total amount to you guys which is ?2,11,852 till now from February 2019. I have never think to stop any amount but you guys force me to do this. Now whatever amount is left, I will pay it. I am not able to run my daily expenses beer at the moment as my all extra earning sources are closed in COVID and no hope for future to rebuilt. Still I will not stop a single amount of Bajaj. You guys are just saying to pay Rs 2,80,086.56 however I have took a loan of 3 lakhs out of which I have already paid the total ? 211852 in last 28 months. Please provide solution and stop the abusive calls as in my house whole family leaving and I have not started this activity your employee force me to do this. I went your Pitampura Branch to settle the account but you guys not supported me. In future I will not recommend to anyone to join with Bajaj loan as you all guys are making fool to customer. Please help to settle my account permanently I am not caring for my civil. I am totally harashing with abusive calls however I am agree to pay the amount. But Bajaj are not co-operating with me.

Bajaj Finance— Mobile loan

Muje 3500rs invoice nhi diya