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Apple Complaint and Reviews— Coin cash customer care number 9163313025

Coin cash customer care number 9163313025Coin cash customer care number 9163313025Coin cash customer care number 9163313025

Apple Complaint and Reviews— Apple iwatch

23 Feb,2022
This is regarding the issue of an apple watch 6series which was put before your team in India few weeks ago under Job number AND161221771021 at the authorize service center B2X (Andheri, Mumbai, India). I would pen down the whole scenario and put in your responsible shoulder and let you decide. I purchased an apple watch series 6 last May’21, which was working fine until Sept-Oct’21 after which it started freezing, so I decided to visit an apple authorize service center and ask them to fix it for me, however then I decided to wait unit the next update comes up to see if this fix it up itself with an update, this didn’t work for me and the watch was still freezing even after the update, so I visited to an authorize service center B2X (Andheri east, Mumbai, India) and submitted my watch on the 16th Dec’21 attach is the Job card/sheet which I got on submitting the watch, they made me wait till 21st Dec’21 as they had to send the watch to Bangalore service center so far so good. I visited B2X to collect my watch and noticed a scratch on the glass near the crown, so I raised the issue with the B2X team saying this scratch was not present when I submitted my watch, they had taken the images of the watch before sending it to Bangalore, so they referred the images that they had taken and confirmed the watch had no scratch on the glass, so I asked them what’s next, they asked to use the watch and see if the watch is still freezing and opened a case with the backend team (which is still open) however the watch started freezing again in few days so I visited the B2X service center again and showed them the video which I took whilst it was frozen, they asked to submit the watch again on the 31st Dec’21, the watch was again sent to Bangalore for software update which came back in few days, however there is denial from the Bangalore team about the scratch, and they are terming it as a "Cosmetic Damage" This issue as this is in pipeline for more than 60 days. Coming to the point. Can anyone please explain how can they conclude the scratch as cosmetic damage when it is not done by me? And why is the customer supposed to bare the consequence of it when the watch when submitted had no scratch on the glass? The watch was Apple service Provider's responsibility when it was submitted at your authorize service center B2X. The service center cannot return the watch with a scratch on it and term it as Cosmetic damage, and keep denying about it and ask the customer to use it as it is, this damage was caused when the watch was under Apple service Provider's supervision, so that is Apple's responsibility to take care of the product and making sure the product reaches the customer in the same condition as it was when submitted. Someone is at fault here and not ready to accept it? Just because they are at the Head office doesn’t mean they can turn your back on this or try to push down this matter when your own authorize service center tries to investigate. When the authorize service center B2X has provided them with the clear images of BEFORE and AFTER of the product (please see attached for your ref) which clearly show the scratch not being there when submitted and they still want to consider it as "COSMETIC DAMAGE" and put in on the customer. Their stubborn behaviour towards the customer and their own authorize service center and also their unsupported decision-making ability makes me go sceptical about Apple products & aftersales services. Many questions are raised here, Can we buy an apple product going forward with this aftersales service? Should we visit apple authorize service center and accept this kind of outcome in future as well? Are they trying to cover someone who is at fault? The rest I leave to your wisdom and fine sense of judgment. Awaiting your reply on this. Thanks, in anticipation! Regards, Mayur