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Angelone— Withdrawl not allowed.

01 Oct,2021
Hi Team, This company claims to be no 1 broking company. I have opened account with this broker after providing all my bank details and adhaar details. Wheneveri try to withdraw my money they say my account is not updated with my bank account details. I have raised the issue with the team about 20 times in the past 2 years but still they are giving me the excuse that they do not have my bank account details. I am wondering when i deposit amount into angel broking thru upi, phonepay or internet banking my amount is deposited. But when i want a withdrawl they dont allow me making excuses. I believe this company is using public money to invest in market and raise their share price. Else when the issue is informed so many times in the past why are they still telling me that my bank details is not updated. Please help me in addresjng this issue with the broker.