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Amazon India / Samsung Refrigerator— Refund/Replacement denied against Damage product sold

13 Oct,2021
The Case: Amazon delivered one day late without any plan so I had adjust the delivery in my pre-scheduled calendar. Scheduled plan delivery was 09-10-2021 but delivered on 10-10-2021. The delivery guy was not agreeing to deliver till my floor and open the box. I had to force him to do so. After an argument I had to agree to pay for the additional labour they got from local. The installation was scheduled for next day so the delivery guy didnt agree to turn on the refrigerator hence inside of the refrigerator was shadowy. There was packaging stickers everywhere and specially over the internal panel area behind the glass shelf corner edge where the severe damage was there. The product I didn't touch post the delivery guy left, as it was mentioned that the Brand Installation team will start the product to show. Next day Brand installation team opened it and started and he found the damage and asked me to get a replacement. Date- 11-10-2021 The app still says that this product can be replaced/refund by on or before 19th OCT 2021. With so many Amazon teams failures at every stage, and too much variables for me to handle, and understand that the app last date will be of no use, I didn't open the refrigerator internal packaging. After multiple follow ups with Amazon via mail, facebook, twitter and instagram, Amazon has been bluntly denying to replace/refund the same.