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Amazon India / Game Dvds— Received damaged dvds covers on October 01, 2021

21 Oct,2021
I have been receiving damaged dvds covers and I lodged a complaint and also told them that the feedback and complaint is more important but they are just giving false information that Investigating and I'll receive better product in good condition next time What went worse is everytime I order a game dvd I receive dvds whether a used one with scratches or in different languages or with more damage and this last October I received both of my dvds covers in damaged condition I always ask for link to show them the picture of the product at an instant I receive the product but this time they said I've taken large number of concession in the past so I'll be getting nothing and even worse thing is I've showed every freakin picture of the damaged product I've received even in social media in every email but nothing is being done at last I've thrown the products because I don't want to destroy my 32000 console because of those damaged scratchy dvds I just want you to take action against them as they're not providing a service they're supposed to.. I don't care about anything else.. I have no problem with any product but it's being a pain after seeing that even providing a complaint everytime the service being worse and worst and Amazon is doing nothing