Customer satisfaction rating

Acko General Insurance— Two wheeler insurence

22 Feb,2022
I purchased a two-wheeler policy last year when I was buying there were two options, PFA 1 Third party 2 Comprehensive plan Last month my two-wheeler got an accident, then I register for a claim then I got info from the Acko team I did not buy zero dep from Acko. I told them I bought the best that Acko was selling and as per the overview of the website it was looking like zero dep. Post settlement I tried to check the type of insurance you are selling for two-wheeler still there are two options Third party and comprehensive, My complaint is here, if Acko is not selling the zero dep why your executive mentions me, I should buy zero dep from Acko. If zero dept is not available on your website I want to cancel my policy if you have, let me know how I can upgrade my current policy into zero dep. I just had a word with Acko Insurance Executive As per them they do not sell the Zero Depreciation Cover, however, they are showing on their website also at the time of buying policy there was no add-on available to add this. which means it is part of the policy if not, they are misleading the customers like me. Also in my last claim, I paid 2500 on my own So I want that money back from Acko Insurance also should pay me back the Premium I paid for the insurance. If they do not provide me the Zero Depreciation Cover.